Class Reunion Calendar
  The what/when/where of each SHS class reunion.

Class Reunion Planners - Names and email addresses.
  Who can you contact for information about your reunion.
  If you need help on putting your own class reunion together.... ask another Reunion Planner.

Reunion Planning Guide
  All the particulars about how to plan your class reunion.

Class Reunion Help Manual
  A detailed manual on class reunion planning.
  (This might have some dated information.)

Class Reunion Chat
  What are some tips that Class Reunion Planners are suggesting?

Missing Classmates
  Can you help other Class Reunion Planners find their classmates?

If you are a Class Reunion Planner (a class officer or on record with us from organizing previous class reunions) and you are a current paid member ($10 membershhp) we will give you a FREE copy of your class list.
Our database of names, mailing and email addresses of SHS grads starts with information provided by the Shrewsbury School Department at graduation. 
We update our information with the help of
  - grads contacting us through our website's name/address change tab.
  - Class Reunion Planners updating their classmate information
      during reunion time through various sources.

If we can be of assistance to you for your reunion planning, please contact us.