Robert Defino-Class of 1955 Award Application

In appreciation for the education and leadership received at the former Major Beal High School, the Class of 1955 established this award to recognize a student who has achieved success in high school through hard work and involvement in the school community.   Members of the graduating Class of 1955 raised the funds to provide this scholarship, intending to establish it as a 50th Anniversary Legacy Scholarship. It was renamed in honor of their beloved Class President, Robert Defino, who passed away shortly after their 50th Reunion. Preference will be given to applicants who have relatives who have graduated from Shrewsbury High School or Major Howard Beal Memorial High School. 

Applicant: _____________________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________


College which you plan to attend and intended major: __________________________________




Family members who have graduated from SHS or Major Howard Beal Memorial High School (Please include relationship to applicant as well as year of graduation, if known):






I.  Respond briefly to each of the following (3-5 sentences each):

  1. How have you contributed to the SHS community beyond the classroom?
  2. Please tell us how a SHS faculty member or coach has made a difference in your life and/or has helped you to be successful at SHS.

II. Include a short essay that describes the greatest challenge you faced in high school and how you overcame it.


III. Please also include with your application:


n  A copy of your high school transcript.

n      A list of extra-curricular activities and offices held as well as awards received during the last four years.  Include involvement with school, religious groups and community. List number of years involved.

n      A letter of recommendation from an academic teacher (a copy of a college recommendation is acceptable).


Please type all your responses, and include your name at the top of each page. Please mail your completed application to:  Christina Manos, 7 Shirley Rd, Shrewsbury, MA 01545.

Applications must be received by March 10th. 

The Robert Defino-Class of 1955 Award will be presented at the SHS Alumni Association Scholarship Presentation on Wednesday, April 25th.  The scholarship recipient will be notified by mail on or around April 15th.