The SHS Alumni Association has donated over $70,000 to student groups since the program was started in 1995. We welcome your application! Please check these criteria to determine whether your project is eligible:
  • Grants are intended for student groups, clubs, classes, or organizations. 
  • Grants must be used to promote educational or charitable projects or to foster a sense of community.
  • At least five Shrewsbury High School students must be involved in or benefit from the project.
  • Maximum award for each grant is $400.00.

In addition, successful applicants must submit an invoice or reimbursement form (with receipts) and a project evaluation. Please note in any publicity that the project was supported by the Alumni Association grant.

Application deadline for 2017-2018 is coming.

Submit five paper copies of the completed application to the SHS Alumni Association mailbox in the SHS mail room.

Click below for application and detailed information: 

Congratulations to the recipients of the
Alumni Association Grants!
December 5, 2015 

SHS Community of Readers--Emily Bredberg, advisor

The students on the new Media Center Advisory Board meet virtually and in person to support the SHS Media Center.  One of their activities has been to compile a wish list of books to add to the collection; Members will vote to determine which titles will be purchased with the Alumni Association grant funds.  


Black History Club--Denise Satterfield, advisor

To heighten awareness of the history and achievements of African Americans, the Black History Club holds an annual assembly and sponsors a school-wide writing contest and art contest.  Grant funds will provide contest prizes and will  help offset the cost of t-shirts for club members. 


Calculating Success at Shrewsbury High School--Carolyn Sherman, advisor

Purchase of TI-84 Plus graphing calculators will provide students with a consistent tool needed for instruction and during standardized testing. 


Rachel's Table and Project Linus--Patricia Crosson, advisor

Student members of ELNA (Education and Leadership for a Non-Violent Age) will prepare food and distribute it to homeless shelters through Rachel’s Table.  They will also make blankets to be given, through Project Linus, to children in need of comfort. Grant funds will help provide supplies needed to complete both projects. 


Visiting Artists--Shari Fox, advisor

Two practicing artists will each spend a day at SHS, giving presentations and conducting workshops for SHS art students. 


Alumni Grant VideoMaggie Korab, advisor

Students in the SHS Educational TV Studio will produce an informational video about the grants supported by the Alumni Association this school year.  It will be televised on the local educational channel. 


Our thanks to Janet Pope, Student Grants Chairperson.



Past Student Grant Recipients:

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