Student Grant Awards
Grants Chairperson:  Sandie Lucas 
November 14, 2013

Special Recognition:

Partnership Award for promoting the mission of the SHSAA                      Margaret Korab

 For the SHS Educational Television Studio’s production of “All About Alumni Grants”.


Student Grant Recipients
“Throwing Back” with Master Potter Rick Hamelin
Advisor:  Pamela LeBlanc
Art Teacher:  Brooke Butler
The purpose of this project is to build and further develop student’s skills in Ceramics and Sculpture Classes by inviting guest speaker Rick Hamelin, Potter, who will demonstrate new techniques for creating and glazing pottery as well as presenting the history of pottery.  
The SHS Alumni Grant funds will help defray the cost of a guest speaker and provide materials for the workshop. 

Choking Charlie (Manikin) 
Advisor:  Donna Ferris
The purpose of this manikin will help to teach students in Health classes how to safely save a life when someone is choking.  The manikin will simulate an obstruction in the throat and students will learn back blows and abdominal thrusts to expel the object. 
The SHS Alumni Grant funds will be used to purchase a Manikin. 

Math Team Competition (Who Needs A Problem?  We Do!
Advisor:  Peter Collins
Student Applicant:  Priyansh Bhatnagar
Members of the Math Team are highly motivated students looking for additional math resources to practice difficult problems to prepare them for competition in the Worcester County Math League.  Students are looking to purchase more math problem book sets by topics that would increase the student’s ability to compete. 
The SHS Alumni grant will fund the Math Books for the Math Team to compete.

An Original Musical (The Possibility of Perspective)
Advisor:  Rebecca Mongiat
Student Applicant:  Sean Hevey, Producer
The purpose of this project is to fulfill my dream to write, and direct the first student MUSICAL at SHSas well as to provide more opportunities for music and theater students.  Fifteen students from bothdepartments will participate in the musical which will be presented to the student body in May.
The SHS Alumni Grant will help defray the cost of script printing, set construction, costumes, advertising, and programs. 

Rachel’s Table and Project Linus   
Advisor:  Patricia Crosson
Student Applicants:  Molly Perkins, Ruba Dabbagh, Aishwarrya Arivudainambi
ELNA (Education and Leadership for Nonviolent Age) will spearhead Rachel’s Table and Project Linus.Students will prepare food and distribute it to homeless shelters. Project Linus will be making thirty blankets to comfort any child in need. 
Grant funds will help provide for fabric and materials needed to complete both projects. 
Science Class to N.E. Aquarium
Advisors:  Linda Derosier & Beth Bedrosian
Student Applicant:  Kylee Smith
There are 11 students enrolled in the ELC (Educational Learning Center) classes.  Students are currently studying ocean life as part of an MCAS curriculum based unit.  A trip to the NE Aquarium will further enrich these students’ academic experience as well as peer to peer interaction, communications and behavior skills. 
Grant funds will help defray the cost of the student’s admission fee to the aquarium. 

The Town Crier
Advisor:  Dayna Brown-Dolan
Student Applicant:  Reegan Altomare
The Town Crier is a student run newspaper that allows students to execute and fine tune their writing skills, have a voice in local and global news and to bring about different views and opinons in one united place. 
SHS Alumni Grant along with funds donated by the SHS class of 1973 will provide the cost of printing the newspaper throughout the entire year. 

Robotics (Vex Toss Up-Build & Design Rockets
Advisor:  Paul Wood
Student Applicant:  Craig Mendonca
The SHS Engineering Club provides students with the opportunity to build and achieve the rewards of creativity by designing and building rockets to compete locally and nationally. 
The Alumni Grant will help with the cost of materials needed to compete. 

SHS Alumni Display Case
Advisor:  Pamela LeBlanc
Student Applicants:  SHS Art Honor Students
Students from the Art Honor Class will design and create a display case for the SHS Alumni Association.A number of drawing will be submitted and reviewed.  A drawing will be choosen and recreated in the SHS Alumni Association display case at SHS.  

Rev. 1/21/2013

Our thanks to Sandie Lucas for chairing this event.