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October 2007
Kevin & I were happy we were able to make a personal donation to such a worthy cause. (SHS Alumni Association Scholarship).  I don't think many people understand how wonderful our Alumni Association is. You guys have created an organization that not only keeps people informed of current events, you work diligently to keep correct information on graduates and also perform charitable work. The scope of the Alumni Association is impressive and awesome. I can't begin to fathom the amount of time it takes to keep things going. I would imagine it is almost a full time job. As far as the class donation (SHS Alumni Association Scholarship), again, the Alumni Association is the heart of who we are. I hope the class of 1982 becomes a role model for all classes that follow!
Maureen Jarvis - Class Rep - SHS 1982

Aug 9, 2007
Dear Family and Friends,
        With great sadness I regret to inform you that Lynda Clayton passed away from ovarian cancer this past Sunday evening. She lost her battle with this dreaded disease after a horrific struggle over the last twenty months. Her family was with her at the end. I have never seen anyone fight harder to live and she was still fighting to survive right up to her last breath. The illness had clearly taken a terrible toll on her and it truly was a blessing when she was finally at rest and the pain and suffering were at an end.
        She leaves behind our three sons: Mark Burhoe of Homewood, Illinois, Ty Burhoe (Amy Ippoliti) of Boulder, Colorado, and Scott Burhoe of Chicago, Illinois; our grandson Shaun Burhoe of Boulder, Colorado; sister Julie Allecta of Corte Madera, California; brother David (Gayle Dekellis) Clayton of Berkeley, California; and former husband and friend Brian Burhoe. Funeral arrangements will be private and there are no calling hours. Those wishing to make a memorial may do so to the Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve, Inc, 1100 Ridge Rd., Homewood, Illinois 60430. Cards and letters for the family can be sent to Mark Burhoe, 18138 Aberdeen St., Homewood, Illinois 60430.
        Lynda and I met in the fifth grade in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, although we didn't seriously date until our senior year in high school. We married in 1960 and after completing college in 1965 we lived on Cape Cod before moving to the Chicago area in 1967. Our son Mark was born in 1961, Ty in 1964 and Scott in 1966. Although we divorced in 1972, we continued to work together in the best interest of our children and over the years have remained friends and still cared about each other. For many years she worked for General Electric Corporation in two of it's divisions, GE Capital and GE Rail, and was still with GE at the time she went on disability to fight the cancer.
        Lynda had three great causes in her life: the well-being of her sons (whom she loved passionately and without condition), nature (she literally turned her property into a wonderful nursery and garden maize), and animal rights (she was a strong advocate for the proper treatment of pets and cared for a dog and seven cats in her own home). She was an extremely health conscious person and it really bothered her that someone so healthy could have gotten cancer. She was a unique person and my own life has been enriched by my involvement with her.
        Lastly, I have to tell you how supportive her family was throughout her illness. Our son Ty and grandson Shaun, and her brother and sister all traveled long distances multiple times to support her and to help in any way they could. Our son Scott and I lived close by and were able to help a great deal. My wife Joan fully supported my time away from home despite her own health needs and both Lynda and I appreciated her support. But the one person who has done the most by far was our oldest son Mark, who left his job and moved in with Lynda and has been her full time caregiver for the last ten months under extremely difficult circumstances. The entire family is grateful to him for what he has done and so was Lynda. I'm very proud of him.
                                                                                        With regret,
                                                                             Brian Burhoe SHS 1959

"Please extend to the Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association my sincere thanks and gratitude for the continued service and support offered to SHS students.
I have been so proud and honored to have been associated with SHS and the Alumni Association.
Thanks for ALL you have done!"
Dr. Daniel Gutekanst
September 2006
(Former SHS principal - off to a new journey as Supt of Schools in Needham.)

Birth Of Ghazan Khan, ca. 1596
Birth Of Ghazan Khan, ca. 1596
Worcester Art Museum

"I want to sincerely thank you for my 50th wedding anniversary announcement and remembering A AE AM A ARUM IS AS ...... (alumna, alumnae...)
Your Alumni News is excellent, well-written, and very informative.
Please inform your staff that 41 of these 50 years were at SHS.  In enjoyed all 41 years and learned so much from the students.
Keep up the good work."
Henry Sullivan
September 2006
(Retired Teacher)

SHS Student Grant Recipient

"I am writing to report on the grant of $xxx you were so kind to award me last spring for the Entrepreneurs Club to conduct a field trip to a local start-up company.  I have delayed this report because the situation was unusual and the effects continue.
The Entrepreneurs Club was formed so students could learn about entrepreneurship and how to become an entrepreneur.  As a former entrepreneur, I can tell them of my experiences, but for real learning I wanted them to start an actual business within SHS.  The group decided last spring to start Insta-Calc Enterprises to sell used graphing calculators to students at prices well below new prices.  The problem, of course, was finding and buying used calculators to resell.  They decided to offer departing seniors $xx for their calculators, then resell them to incoming freshmen and other students for about $xx.  They also found used calculators at good prices on eBay.  The problem, then, became one of finding the cash to make the purchases.
While the grant was for a field trip, the club members did what entrepreneurs always do - they made the best use of the cash they had on hand - in this case the $xxx from your grant - to buy five calculators from seniors.  When they resold these at $xx, they generated revenue of $xxx, with which they bought eight more calculators.  When these sold and produced $xxx, they bought more, and so on.  To date the club has turned your $xxx grant into more than $xxxx, and the business continues.
Now we have our own funds for a field trip, and we have enough to buy more calculators for next year.  Therefore, the students decided to donate $xxx from their "profits" to the SHS Alumni Association so you can help others as you have helped us.  I thank you and the club members thank you for your generous support."
Sincerely yours,
Gary K. Klauminzer, Ph.D.
Math Teacher
March 28, 2006
"Dear Shrewsbury High Alumni Association:
Thank you so much for the Peter Perreault Scholarship.  When I was filling out scholarship applications in the winter, I felt that more than any other, this scholarship fit me.  It is my honor to have received it and to be able to put the money towards my laptop for next year.  I had an amazing (yet hectic) end to my senior year, and it all began that night when I received that award.  Thank you so much, and I will make you proud."
Corinne Simisky
May 2004 Recipient
Peter Perreault Athletic/Scholar Scholarship

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