Alumni Association Presentation of Grant Funds
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2007-08 Pres Ron Sanguinet with Principal Brian Reagan

2008 Student Grant Recipients
Awarded March 3, 2008
Alumni Association 2007-2008 Student Grants Chairperson, Janet (Buckley) Pope, announced on March 3, 2008 that $5,000 has been gifted by the Alumni Association to benefit sixteen student programs.
Your Student Grant contributions to date of almost $45,000 have enriched the lives of thousands of Shrewsbury High School students...
THANK YOU for giving each student an opportunity to benefit their personal life as well as the lives that THEY touch.
We couldn't have done it without YOUR generosity.

Black History Club Day of History

Advisor: Susan McGuirk

The Black History Club will travel to Boston for a walking tour of the Black Heritage Trail and a visit to the Museum of African-American History.  Grant funds will help defray transportation and ticket costs. 

Cheerleading Poms

Advisor:  Marlena Cosenza

The SHS Cheerleading Squad’s grant will help to pay for new pom-poms. 

Girls' Lacrosse Alumni Game Day and BBQ

Advisor:  Becky Moisan

The Girls' Lacrosse Team has planned its second annual Alumni Game Day.  Grant funds will help pay for refreshments and related expenses. 

If Book

Advisors: Shari Fox and Kris Cobb

Students in high school art classes have created illustrations for a book.  Grant money will be used to print and bind 22 copies, which will be presented to the third-grade classes in the district. 

Introduction to Photography

Advisor:  Jane Roddy

Students in the Introduction to Photography class learn how to take pictures, develop their own film, make contact sheets, and print their own photographs.  Grant funds will be used to purchase an additional camera. 

Jobs for Bay State Graduates

Advisor:  Lee Diamantopoulos

Student Applicant:  Fady Ghobrial

Jobs for Bay State Graduates is a school-to-career program that prepares students for life after high school.  Grant money will help defray costs of attending the JBSG Career Conference in April. 

Media Center Connecting with a Global World

Media Specialist:  Claire Donovan

Materials purchased to supplement the library media center’s collection will focus on world events and global education. 

Model United Nations

Advisor:  Jennifer Gaudet

Student Applicant:  Mary Rocheleau

The Model UN was started four years ago by students with a strong interest in diplomacy and foreign affairs.  Grant funds will help defray costs of participating in conferences. 

New Entrant Assistance Team

Advisor:  Kathleen Floyd

NEAT strives to make new students feel comfortable and welcomed into the SHS community.  Student volunteers provide orientations, tours, introductions, and company at lunch.  Grant funds will help defray the cost of SuperFan t-shirts for the new students. 

Outdoors Club Spring Overnight

Advisor:  Erica Pratt

Members of the Outdoors Club are planning a Spring Overnight trip, to include teambuilding activities, a focus on safety, and adherence to the “leave no trace” philosophy of outdoor recreation.  Grant funds will help defray transportation and other expenses. 

Senior Exhibition

Advisor:  Linda Mongiat

Student Applicant:  Lingke Wang

Electromagnetic induction is the subject of Lingke Wang’s Senior Exhibition.  Funds will help defray the cost of materials and supplies.  

SHS Sculpture

Advisor:  Pamela LeBlanc

Students will be invited to participate in the design and planning of a large-scale permanent sculpture for the grounds of SHS.  Grant money will cover the fee of a consulting artist and provide materials for construction of small-scale models. 

Speech & Debate Team

Advisor:  Sara Ahern

Student Applicant:  Rachel Snook

The SHS Speech and Debate Team has 72 members who are learning the art of performance, oration, and debate.  Grant money will help defray the cost of transportation to the many tournaments which the members attend each year.

U.S. Academic Decathlon

Advisor:  Nancy Lowery

U.S. Academic Decathlon unites students of varied learning and academic achievement levels while expanding the general knowledge of the participants.  Grant funds will help pay for transportation, study materials, and participation in competitions.

Visiting Artists

Advisors:  Shari Fox and Kris Cobb

A Visiting Artists will spend a day at SHS, giving presentations and conducting workshops for many of the art students.  

Words of Wisdom

Advisor:  Patricia Degon

This grant will enable the High School Health Education Department to purchase “Project Wisdom: Helping Students Make Wiser Choices.” 

2008 - 2009 Student Grant Recipients