2007 Student Grant Recipients
Awarded February 26, 2007


Advanced Career Exploration

Advisor:  Susan McGuirk

ACE is a career exploration program in which a number of seniors participate in six-week internships. Grant funds will provide materials for the associated portfolio and resume workshops.


Black History Committee

Advisor:  Denise Fair

The Black History Committee promotes respect for diversity.  Their annual trip to New York City includes visits to museums and galleries that showcase notable African Americans.  Grant funds will help defray the price of the trip for students who could not otherwise afford to participate. 


Boston Landmark Tour

Advisor:  Brooke Henderson

Student assistants and staff members will accompany eight Life Skills students as they learn about our state’s capital and its historic landmarks on a guided tour of Boston.  The grant will help defray admission and travel expenses. 


ELNA High School Leadership Conference

Advisor:  Dawn Vigliatura

Members of Educational Leadership for a Non-Violent Age will attend a youth leadership conference at Clark University.  The grant will pay for bus transportation. 


Future Teachers Club

Advisor:  Richard Marchand                             Student applicant:  Cate Schneider

The goal of the Future Teachers Club is to give members the opportunity to explore the many facets of the teaching profession.  Grant funds will provide seed money for this newly-formed organization. 


Increasing Students’ Exposure to and Appreciation of American Literature

Advisor:  Paul DePalo

All eleventh-grade English classes include a survey of American literature.  Grant money will be used to purchase multiple copies of two additional novels. 


Jobs for Bay State Graduates Career Conference Day

Advisor:  Lee Diamantopoulos                          Student Applicant:  Travis Sullivan

The annual Career Conference brings together students from the 16 JBSG programs in Massachusetts.  Grant funds will help defray attendance and transportation costs. 


New Entrant Assistance Team

Advisor:  Kathleen Floyd

Members of NEAT provide support to new students in their transition to SHS.  Grant money will be used for orientation supplies.  


SHS Photography Club

Advisor:  Justin Marra

To keep current with the ever-changing trends in the field, this club would like to transition into digital photography.  Grant money will help defray the cost of a film and negative scanner and a photo printer. 


Special Education Department

Advisor:  Kelli McSweeney

Over 25 students will have access to required readings in audio format when grant funds are used to purchase a membership to Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic and additional tape recorders and headphones. 


Speech and Debate Team

Advisor:  Sara DiGiorgio                       Student applicant:  Srisha Nalamati

Members participate in more than 15 competitions per year.  Grant funds will help pay transportation expenses. 


Stained Glass Studio

Advisor:  Kristine Cobb

Members of the newly-formed Art Club plan an art activity for each of their monthly meetings.  Grant money will be used to purchase tools needed to introduce stained glass, a medium not available in the current curriculum. 


Supplementing Media Center Fiction

Media Specialist:  Claire Donovan

Grant funds will be used to expand and update the fiction collection in the SHS Media Center.  Both the newly-formed Book Discussion Group and the entire school community will benefit. 


Town Crier

Advisor:  Laura Cronin

The Town Crier has been Shrewsbury High School’s student newspaper since 1909.  Grant funds will help defray the cost of journalism conferences and an awards night. 


U. S. Academic Decathlon

Advisor:  Nancy Lowery

The U. S. Academic Decathlon team competes in up to three regional competitions each year.  The grant will help pay for study materials. 


Visiting Artists

Advisor:  Shari Fried Fox

Two practicing artists will each spend a day at SHS, giving presentations and conducting workshops for many of the art students. 


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