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Happy 15th Anniversary

SHS Alumni Student Grant Program

     This year, the Alumni Association's Grant Program celebrated its 15th year of existence and has funded over $52,000 back to Shrewsbury High School student programs where an estimated 25,000 students have benefited.  Funds distributed are primarily received from a variety of graduating classes at reunion time and SHS Alum making personal donations.  The purpose of the Alumni Grant program is to assist students in achieving their project goals by providing them with seed money to get their project off the ground and running. 

SHS Alumni Grant Chairperson, Sandie Lucas
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On November 17, 2009, Sandra J. Lucas, SHS Alumni Grant Chairperson, presented the 2009-2010 Alumni Grant Recipients in the Anthony J. Bent presentation room at Shrewsbury High School.  Over fifty faculty, students, parents and friends attended this year’s Alumni Grant Awards Ceremony.  Seventeen SHS Student Grant Projects were funded between $100 and $400 for their projects and grant certificates were awarded.  Many of these projects support a variety of educational and community opportunities ranging from cultural programs, research materials, artist supplies, audio/ visual supplies, state and local competitions, charitable giving, and a variety of other projects.      

Congratulations from SHS to Alumni and Recipients
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Dr. Sara Ahern, Assistant Principal

Nov 17, 2009 Grant Award Ceremony Program


Alumni Assoc Council Members Making a Difference
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(L to R) Jude Donahue, Christina Manos, Sandie Lucas, Tina Bara and Mary Rose Casey


Special Presentations:
Made by Judith L. Donahue, Alumni Association President

Class of 1959's 50th Reunion Presentation
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Liz McDonald (L-cntr) and Phyllis Francis (Rt-center) representing the Class of 1959

SHS Class of 1959                           

In celebration of their 50th reunion -
$700 gift to the SHS Drama Club

SHS 1959 Fundraising/Reunion Committee:
Ann & Dick Curran, Phyllis Francis, Elizabeth McDonald and Janet Trippi. 
THANK YOU for all your hard work...
and for giving back to SHS !!


2009 Partnership Award Recipients
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Maggie Korab and Kevin Looney

Alumni Partnership Award      
for promoting the mission of the
SHS Alumni Association

Presented To:
Margaret Korab, SHS Faculty - Media Specialist  
Kevin Looney, Producer
For the SHS Educational Television Studio's (ETS) production of "All About Alumni Grants".

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Congratulations Faculty Advisors!
Thank you for all your hard work!

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We're making a difference....
one student at a time."

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2009 - 2010 Student Grant Recipients
Awarded November 17, 2009

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Introduction to Photography
Advisor: Jane Roddy
The purpose of our Black & White Photography class is to introduce high school students to the use of the manual camera and darkroom techniques that are involved with the process of taking photos, developing film and printing photographs.  Grant funds will provide students with additional camera equiment to help meet the needs of the class.

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Scale, Proportion and Anatomy of Skeletons
Advisor:  Shari Fox
The purpose of the skeletons is to teach students about anatomy and how to depict the figure in correct scale and proportion.  It is essential for students to see the skeleton in 3-dimensions in order to place their drawings in specific poses.  Grant funds will help to purchase a large-scale skeleton to share with other art classes.

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Visiting Artist
Advisor:  Shari Fox
The purpose of this project is to expose art students at all levels to practicing and exhibiting artists as a viable career path.  Grant funds will help support a one-day workshop from a visiting artist.

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Hispanic Culture through a theatrical representation,
museum exhibit and cuisine

Advisor: Madeliene Del Toro-Cournoyer
Some 22 students from Spanish 4 Honors and AP classes will be exposed to an authentic theatrical production in Spanish, experience authentic flavors of Hispanic cuisine, and attend a Hispanic exhibit at “Museo el Barrio” in New York City.  Grant funds will help defray the cost of this cultural experience.

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Honors American History Essay:
Frederick Douglass
Advisor: Michelle Zaykowski  

The purpose of the project is to instill and practice critical thinking skills, historical empathy, and analytical writing skills to Sophomore American History classes.  Students will be asked to read the autobiography and write a three-page response paper.  This is a required course and the class is in need of purchasing more copies of Frederick Douglass’ autobiography to have an outside reading source that can be read and discussed as a class.  Grant funds will be used to purchase 30 books to meet the needs of this course.

Literature as Film- A Critical Approach to Media                          
Advisor: Christina MacDonald

The purpose of this course is to use visual imagery in the form of film to raise students’ awareness of media proliferation and provide students with the intellectual tools to enable them to approach and analyze media from a critical perspective.  Grant funds will help defray the cost of a DVD and 30 copies of the Folger version of “The Taming of the Shrew.”

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National Honor Society –
Hope Lodge Project
Advisor: Jill Sharkey

Student Applicant: Gina Sheehan
The purpose of this project is to provide assistance to the 
residents of the Hope Lodge in Worcester.  Hope Lodge is a temporary home where cancer patients from across the country stay while receiving treatment in Massachusetts.  The residents of the lodge are lacking some basic necessities such as, toilet paper, paper towels, cooking supplies and postage stamps.  In addition, meals are not provided and the students would like to also plan a dinner for the residents.   Grant funds will help provide the basic necessities on their wish list.

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Point of View-through Primary Sources
Advisor:  Claire Donovan

The purpose of this project is to provide materials for a learning experience that seeks to use primary source materials, e.g. letters, memoirs, newspaper articles, photographs, etc., to encourage students to evaluate the opposing sides of various issues within their historical time frame.  This project is in conjunction with various social studies classes through out the year.  Grant funds will defray the cost of books to support these materials.

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Engineering Club –Robotics Competition
Advisor:  Paul Wood
Student Applicant: Raghav Mishra
This club’s purpose is to showcase talented engineers from Shrewsbury High School who create rockets and robots to compete in statewide tournaments.  This team building concept helps students to learn more about engineering, design, and robotics through fun competitions.  They hope to compete in a Robotics tournament at WPI in Worcester, MA. home of the first Robotics team and “Savage Soccer South of the Border 2” in Meriden,CT.   Grant funds will help defray the cost of materials needed to compete.

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Senior Exhibition –
Fiddle Explorations
Advisor: James F. Chace, Jr.
Student Applicant:  Annie Moriondo
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The purpose of the Senior Exhibition program is to research independently a project of interest concluding with a presentation and evaluation to faculty, family and friends.  The student plans to research fiddle music of several cultures to determine the characteristics that define each region’s style of fiddling.  Research will include interviews, live taping of fiddlers, writing tunes that reflect each culture, and a live presentation with a small ensemble will conclude the evening’s event.  Grant funds will provide for a rental of fiddle (violin) for 3 months to complete the project.

Senior Exhibition –
Voice Anatomy, Technique, and History
Advisor:  Linda Mongiat

Student Applicant:  Samantha Centerbar

The purpose of the Senior Exhibition program is to research independently 
a project of interest concluding with a presentation and evaluation to faculty, family and friends.  The student plans to research surrounding vocal methods, the anatomy of voice, and classical opera. She will present the history of classical singers and facts on how the voice works as an instrument along with visual aids and will dispel some “myth buster” facts.  Grant funds will provide for the total cost of research materials, including a workshop.

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SHS Women’s Crew Team –
Winter Training Program
Advisor:  Pam Krause
Student Applicant:  Julia Johnson
The purpose of this project is to provide the SHS Women’s Crew Team with an opportunity to row in the winter months at the Holy Cross College tanks to prepare for the spring season. These tanks simulate rowing on a lake or river on seats positioned in pools/tanks with currents. Grant funds will help defray the cost to the Holy Cross rowing tanks.

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Special Peer Connection Club 
Advisor:  Patrick O'Connor
SPC Officers:  Olivia & Chelsea Urso

The objective of the (SPC) group is to foster friendships and community relationships among students with intellectual and developmental delays. This group is requesting funds for students to participate in the game of bowling at a local bowling alley.  This exercise will help improve these students' fine motor skills and help interact with each other.  Grant funds will help defray the cost of bowling and rental of bowling shoes.

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Speech & Debate
Mardi Gras Tournament
Advisor:  Sara Ahern
Student Applicant:  Sneha Walia
The Shrewsbury High School Speech & Debate team will host its annual Mardi Gras Tournament where students from various schools in the state will have the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their public speaking abilities.  The SHS Alumni Grant will help provide funds for tournament awards and decorations.

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Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol
Advisor:  Patricia Degon
Student Applicant:  Daniel Monopoli
The purpose of this newly formed organization is to provide an environment for students to feel comfortable about their decision to abstain from alcohol and drugs. The group plans to educate, lead, and raise awareness, through a school wide campaign that “good-clean” fun still exists without the use of drugs and alcohol.  Grant funds will help support the cost of materials for this ad campaign against substance abuse.

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The Team Rocketry Challenge
Advisor:  Paul Wood
Student Applicant:  Amit Renikuntla

The purpose of this group of science students is to build rockets and robots for fun and to compete locally and nationally with their design.  Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) sponsor all competitions, which develop new team challenges each year.  Alumni grant funds will provide these students with the necessary hardware to compete in two competitions this year.

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Video Production Education and Recognition
Advisor:  Margaret Korab                                      

The purpose of this project is to provide the students with the opportunity to learn about High Definition television using a pocket HD camcorder for use in many different video projects and to receive recognition for their work through the Honey Bear Awards program. Grant funds will provide the purchase of a pocket HD camcorder and Honey Bear awards.

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