Fundraising Plans for 2012

Go FOSC and Shrewsbury Crew!

1) Our annual Calendar Raffle will be sold in April to be drawn each day in May. You can check our website at for details and purchase options. There is usually a good bit of excitement around our fantastic calendar offerings, and a chance to win 31 times!

2) Blankets for sale!
To commemorate our 75th year we have nylon backed folding fleece blankets for sale on our website. Great to throw in the car for emergencies, bring to a race or picnic, or just wrap up in!

3) Inches and Oars for sale.
We are selling an inch of the shell for $50. This would entitle the donor to have their initials printed on the side of the boat under the gunnels. Example: initials “A.B.C.”. If a donor wants to print out a whole name, it would be at the price of $50 per inch for 3-6 letters and or spaces. For example “Albert B. Cunningham”would be $200 for the donation, because it takes up about 4 inches. If the year of graduation were to be added, it would be an additional $50 for “ ’37”. Oars are also available to purchase for our program (for any non-rowers: we need 8 oars for each shell to be able to row).

The Shrewsbury High School Boosters Club has set up an account for this fundraising
event, with all money raised going into a specific crew account held for us for the purchase of the shell, and possibly oars and electronics to go with it.
All checks can be
made out to the SHS Boosters and sent to Coach Krause at Shrewsbury High, 64 Holden Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545. Please note “SHS Crew” in the memo section of your check.
There is also a Paypal option on our crew website.

I would like to buy __________ inches of the boat at $50 per inch*.

A set of 3 initials will fit in the inch space. Initials in the order that you want them to appear:

_______________ AND/OR Name as you would like it to appear on the gunnel:


I would rather support the crew team with the purchase of an oar at $300 each*:

# oars___________ for a total of $____________

Open donation (any amount will help us, thank you) $___________________

Enclosed is my check made out to the SHS Boosters for $________________

*Please send your check, made out to SHS Boosters, to Coach Pam Krause at Shrewsbury High

School, 64 Holden Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545.

Name ___________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________


If you would like a receipt for taxes, check here________

Thank you for supporting the Friends of Shrewsbury Crew (FOSC)!

For additional information go to or contact Coach Pam Krause