October 20, 2011 at Shrewsbury High School
Rick Marchand, Yearbook Co-Advisor at Shrewsbury High School, and the Shrewsbury High School Administration gifted the SHS Alumni Association hundreds of yearbooks and yearbook supplements from the massive library held at Shrewsbury High School. 
Jude Donahue, SHS Alumni President, and Sandie Lucas, SHS Alumni Association's Student Grants Chair and SHS Liaison, accepted the high school's most generous donation. 
Yearbooks from the 1930s to the 2000s will add to the reference resources that Class Reunion Planners and SHS Event Planners will have for future SHS Class Reunions or SHS club reunion events.
A special THANK YOU to Amy O'Leary as Rick Marchand noted "
"it was truly Amy O’Leary who guarded these books and made sure they were preserved to be passed on.  Marc Fine and I have been the Yearbook co-advisors for the past two years, but it was Amy who truly deserves credit – she lived for this historical document for many years and made sure the values of the continuation were alive and well."  
Past Yearbook Advisors have included: 
Paul Lavelle, Beatrice Tosi, and ? 
(Let us know who your yearbook advisor was.  We'd love to recognize them for their years of hard work.)
Current co-advisors are: Richard Marchand and Marc Fine.
A special thanks to those students at SHS that gave us a helping hand!!!
THANK YOU, Shrewsbury High School Community - from SHS Alumni Nation !!

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