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SHS Alumni Association 2016-2017 Student Grant Application Form

Date Application Submitted:
Name of Project:

Name, email and mailing address of Student Contact:
Number of SHS students involved:
Amount of grant funds requested (max. $400)
1.  Give a brief background of your group, club, class or organization.  Include the size of the group, number of years in existence, how the group is governed and who benefits from the group's activities.
2.  What is the purpose of your project or activity?
3. When will your project or activity take place?  Projected date(s):
4.  List the goals and objectives of your project:
5.  What are your plans for publicizing your project or event? 
How will you recognize the SHS Alumni Assoc as your sponsor?
6.  How will your group determine whether your project is successful?
7.  Itemize your project expenses as accurately as possible.
8.  Have you applied, or do you intend to apply, to other sources for funding?  Please specify source and amount.
9.  Will your project be possible if the SHS Alumni Association awards only a part of the amount you have requested?
10.  Is there any additional information that your group feels may be pertinent to this application?

Please obtain the following signatures, which indicate administrative approval
of your project:

                         Principal or Assistant Principal's Signature & Date Signed

Print Name:
Faculty Advisor will receive Grant Funds after Alumni Association
receives receipts for the project.  Checks will be made payable to the
Faculty Advisor or specific SHS Department.
                                 Faculty Advisor's Signature & Date Signed

Print Name: ____________________________________________

Print Faculty Advisor's Email address:


Please deliver FIVE copies of your completed and signed application to the SHS Alumni Association mailbox in the SHS mail center, c/o Janet Pope,

no later than 2:00 PM on November 4, 2016
Applicants will be notified of the Alumni Association's decision by the end of November by email.