Hi Judy, 
Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $306 to the SHS Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  This will close out the Class of 1950's checking account.  The Class of 1950 is now totally without funds.  We couldn't think of any better place to send our last few dollars.

We all have great memories of our days at the old Beal High School.


Edward F. Garrepy, Jr.
President, Class of 1950

Dear Ed and the Class of 1950 
On behalf of the Shrewsbury High School Alumni Nation,
we can't thank you enough for your most generous donation which will help a deserving graduating SHS senior in their new journey upon graduation in 2010.  
It is with a heavy heart that we accept your donation though as it has been your life blood for 60 years.  Those funds have been used to celebrate with old friends and rekindle special memories of days that made you proud to be Shrewsbury graduates.  We value what your generation has done to make life better for those of us who have followed in your footsteps.    
We thank each of your classmates for leaving such a wonderful legacy in celebration of your 60th graduation from Major Beal High School! 
We plan to be conducting our annual Scholarship Award ceremony, where your funds will be awarded, in April 2010.  We hope that you and other SHS 1950 classmates will be available to help us award your funds.  (We'll keep you posted on our exact date.)    
We're delighted and thankful that you have found the SHS Alumni Association to be a deserving final home for your funds.  We promise that we'll do our part to help keep you proud of being a Shrewsbury alum!
Please accept our deepest THANK YOU !!!
Judy Donahue, President
SHS Alumni Association