Shrewsbury Quartermania
2 hours together, quarters forever!

Friends and fellow citizens of Shrewsbury; Please join us Friday, February 20, 2009 from 6-8pm in the Shrewsbury Public Library for a marathon internet voting drive to help nominate our town's Homestead of General Artemas Ward as the reverse side of a future US 25 cent piece! Bring the family, bring a laptop, bring your spirit, and play a part in creating The Shrewsbury Quarter!

If you can't be with us on Friday be sure to log on to this link
(If the link doesn't connect you, go to , put the word quarter into search and it will bring you to the link.
When at the link, scroll down to the bottom (Worcester County) and cast your vote for The Artemas Ward Homestead. You can vote as many times as you want so keep voting!

As you have probably heard already,  Starting in 2010  the US Mint will be issuing  a new series of quarters with a historic place from each state depicted on the reverse side.  There are many Massachusetts sites on a long list, however our own Gen. Artemas Ward Homestead  on Main Street is on a short list of Worcester County sites .  Governor  Patrick is leaving the selection to the citizens of the Commonwealth ..  This challenge cannot go unanswered.

Shrewsbury residents have always pulled together when the Town needed help. This would be a tremendous boost to the community  and with a little effort from many we can accomplish something that will last forever.  Born in 1727, Ward was an outspoken man whose strong beliefs favoring rebellion and his ability to lead, elected him General and Commander-in-Chief of the colony's militia and second in command to General George Washington. This country owes much of it's freedom to Artemas Ward and what a wonderful tribute it would be to have his homestead and Shrewsbury depicted on the 2010 Massachusetts Quarter. So now it is our turn to take the lead and GET THE JOB DONE  with the same passion that Artemas Ward had over 200 years ago .

 Join the fun on Feb 20th but don't wait until then to vote. Vote today and every day until the deadline of Feb 26, 5:oo pm. There is no limit to how many votes you can cast. Let's meet the challenge. Thanks and VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN!
Pass this message on to everyone you know
Gail Aslanian, Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member, Historic Commission

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