The Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association is a 501( c ) (3) charitable organization and donations are tax deductible to the amount allowed under Federal Section 170.

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On behalf of the students at SHS, we THANK YOU !!

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Benefits one student at SHS



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Judith L. Donahue, SHS Alumni, 58 Hillside Drive, Shrewsbury, MA  01545

Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association

Established 1993 - A 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization


         58 Hillside Drive, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts  01545   -   USA



Dear SHS Alumni Nation Supporter:

As Thanksgiving nears, I want to let you know that we on the Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association are truly thankful for your generosity.

Your gift enables the SHSAA to fulfill its purpose “ … to bring together all interested alumni of Shrewsbury High School, to promote the best interests of the schools and community by fostering enthusiasm, involvement and close relationships by and among Alumni, Faculty, Students, Parents and Friends of the schools”, by:

  • Providing financial support to

    SHS student organizations            programs promoting educational goals

    charitable projects                        co-curricular ventures

  • Offering resources to encourage and maintain contact among SHS alumni

  • Strengthening the important connection between current SHS students and our alumni organization

When you were a student at SHS, did your clubs - your groups - your extra-curricular activities outside of classes

®    enhance your experiences in high school?

®    prepare you for opportunities beyond high school?

®    build your character?

In these challenging times, we ask that you continue to give back to our community by assisting us in our efforts to ensure that current and future SHS students will enjoy similar experiences and opportunities to create their own treasured memories.

To help keep these very valuable programs alive, kindly complete the information below and return the form with your much appreciated donation.  We will acknowledge your donation personally and on our website at 

Because of your continued thoughtfulness, we can help make someone’s dream come true. Thank you !!



Vicki Bezoenik

 Vicki Smialek Bezoenik

Chair, Donations Committee




                   Please make your checks payable to:           Mail to:

SHS Alumni Assoc                              Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association

                                                              58 Hillside Drive

                                                                        Shrewsbury, MA  01545


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SHS Student Grant Program



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Kitty Viscardi Memorial Scholarship



Your generous tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated by the

Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association AND Shrewsbury High School students.


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