Formerly Major Howard Beal High School
Now Beal Early Childhood Education Center

Welcome Home!
The SHS Alumni Association is led by a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers.  Some of us graduated from Beal, others from the SHS at Oak Street, and the newest alumni attended SHS on Holden Street.  Despite differences in ages, we all share a special fondness for Shrewsbury High and a willingness to help the school and other alumni.

Shrewsbury High School - Holden Street

We're pleased to be able to offer grants to student groups and scholarships to graduating seniors.  Keeping in touch with the school helps us determine how we can best serve the students.

Formerly Shrewsbury High School - Oak Street

Now Oak Middle School

Please join us at the annual All-Class Reunion/Alumni Social held each October.
How else can we be of service to you?  Are you planning a separate class reunion?  We can help you locate classmates, choose a site, plan a program...Just ask!  Would you like to get together with fellow alumni?  We meet monthly September thru June, and also sponsor special alumni events.  Contact any member of the Council for details.  We hope you'll join us sometime soon!
Janet Buckley Pope, SHS 1971

Our Mission
The purpose of the Shrewsbury High School (SHS) Alumni Association is to bring together all interested alumni and friends of SHS graduates and to promote the best interests of the schools and community by fostering enthusiasm, involvement and close relationships.

How We Accomplish Our Mission
*Alumni Database
*Reunion Assistance       *Annual All Class Reunion - Social
*Student Grants       *Scholarships 
*Facebook group

Jim Cunavelis, a Shrewsbury resident and graduate of a private high school, proposed the establishment of an SHS Alumni Association.  After discussions with former Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Collins, an organizational meeting was held on October 13, 1993. 
The SHS Alumni Association thanks Dr. Collins, former Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anthony Bent, former SHS principals Dr. Daniel Gutekanst and Dr. Brian Reagan, present Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Sawyer, and SHS Principal Todd Bazydlo for their continued support. 
Jim Cunavelis remained actively interested in the Association until he passed away on May 4, 2010.

Our Logo
Look closely...Our logo, created by Deb Falzoi, '94, is actually a two-sided figure.  The Colonial on the left side represents the "SHS Colonial" community; Note the mortarboard and gown on the right side of the figure.  Our logo reflects our goal to "bring together all alumni and friends of SHS graduates to promote the best interests of the schools and community..."

The Colonial
The "Colonial" is our official school emblem.  It is symbolic of Shrewsbury's heritage through the famous life of a colonial named Artemas Ward, and was designed for us by the late, well-known Worcester sports cartoonist Al Banks.  In the late 1950s, when the Shrewsbury High School at Oak Street was opened, the "Colonial" was incorporated in the new school seal.  This seal was put to use immediately by being placed on class rings.
Sue (Donahue) Falzoi,  SHS 1966

Our Seal
Designed by Jude Donahue '68, our seal incorporates our logo and a circle to signify our global SHS Alumni Community.