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Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow Village is a collection of two-dimensional, wooden, miniature, hand crafted buildings and accesories.  Faline Fry Jones began creating them in the fall of 1982, and there are currently over 20,000 designs from which to select.  Many of these collectibles commemorate significant structures and points of interest across the United States and around the world.  Exclusive custom designs highlight schools, churches, and other buildings of local interest from collectors' hometowns nationwide.  Each piece is hand crafted, traveling through seven-stage production process, which includes hand cutting, screen printing, and individual hand finishing.  Each Cat's Meow includes the trademark black cat, modeled after Faline's cat, Casper.
SHS Alumna and Cat's Meow collector, Diane Dixon, approached us in the spring of 2002 with the idea of capturing the "old" SHS on Oak Street in this unique way.  Council members not only agreed with her, but also decided that a replica of the Donahue Rowing Center would be a welcome addition to the local Cat's Meow collection.  Diane and Mary Rose Casey worked with the company to develp the designs.

Shrewsbury Colonial
Shrewsbury High School - 64 Holden Street
Donahue Rowing Center