The Shrewsbury High School Alumni Association, founded in 1993, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring together all interested alumni and friends of Shrewsbury High School graduates and to promote the best interest of the schools and community by fostering enthusiasm, involvement, and close relationships.

In 1995, the Alumni Association began the Shrewsbury High School Student Grant Program.  The qualifying criteria states that "all grant funds must be used to promote educational or charitable projects or to foster a sense of community.  All SHS student groups. clubs, classes, or organizations, with a minimum of five students, must either be involved or benefit from the project."  

This year, the Alumni Association's SHS Student Grant Program celebrated its 17th year of existence and has funded close to $60,000 back to Shrewsbury High School student programs where an estimated 250 student groups have benefited.  Funds distributed are primarily received from Alumni Association membership, a variety of SHS graduating classes at reunion time and SHS Alum making personal donations.  For a list of donors, please click HERE.

2011-2012 Student Grant Ceremony Program

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On November 8, 2011, Sandra J. Lucas, SHS Alumni Grant Chairperson, welcomed the 2011-2012 Alumni Grant Recipients in the Anthony J. Bent Presentation Room at Shrewsbury High School, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. 

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Dr. Joseph Sawyer, Supt of Shrewsbury Schools

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SHS Principal Todd Bazydlo

Dr. Joseph Sawyer, Shrewsbury's Superintendent of Schools and SHS Principal Todd Bazydlo offered their congratulations to faculty and students and thanked the Alumni Association for their generous grant funds.

Shrewsbury School Committee Representatives
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(L to R) B. Dale Magee, Sandie Lucas and Chairman, John Samia

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Shrewsbury School Committee representatives B. Dale Magee and Chairman, John Samia (SHS 1988), for their support !

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Twelve SHS Student Grant Projects were funded between $150 and $400 for their projects and grant certificates were awarded by Maria (Longo) Smith, Alumni Association Executive Board member, and Chairman Sandie Lucas.  Many of these projects support a variety of educational and community opportunities ranging from cultural programs, research materials, artist supplies, technological equipment, state and local competitions, charitable giving, and a variety of other projects as you'll note by the descriptions of each project below.

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Alumni President, Judith L. Donahue

Accepting the Award on behalf of Annie Pignataro
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(L to R) Margaret Korab and Thais Neves

Judith L. Donahue, Alumni Association President, presented the "Partnership Award" to the SHS Educational Television Studio for their "All About Alumni Grants" DVD created and produced by Annie Pignataro, under the direction of Margaret Korab, SHS Media Specialist.  The Alumni Association honored Mrs. Korab and Annie Pignataro for their efforts to help the Alumni Association educate the community about this very valuable Alumni mission.

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Congratulations Faculty Advisors !
Thank you for your hard work in seeing these projects through.

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Congratulations SHS Faculty Advisors and Students!
2011-2012 SHS Alumni Association Grant Recipients

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National Art Honor Society
Artistic Pursuits - Giving Back To The Community

Advisor:                       Pamela LeBlanc
Student Applicants:    Lin Astill & Filia Van Dessel

The purpose of this project is to give back to the community's
 senior citizens and students in Grades K-8 by offering art related
The grant funds will help defray the cost of art supplies.

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Special Peer Connections
Bowl-ieve It or Not !
Advisor:                      Kristine Cobb
Student Applicant:      Kira Sommer

Special Peer Connections will conduct an annual bowling trip
 to the AMF Bowling Alley in Shrewsbury, MA as one of their
 activities for the year. Since many of the students who have
 both physical and mental disabilities already participate in
 bowling activities outside of school, it will be an activity
in an environment that the students are familiar with and
 comfortable in.
The students will also be able to connect
 with their fellow peers through an activity that is age appropriate
 and that they would both enjoy.

Funds will pay for the cost of bowling.

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SHS Chemistry Club
Advisors:                    Dr. R. Derric Lowery
                              Melinda Moynihan

Student Applicant:     Ramya Ravindrababu

The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to provide tutoring
programs to help students struggling in any level of chemistry
and to present programs and create an interest in science
at the Shrewsbury Elementary and Middle School level. 
These programs will provide basic explanations to specific
chemical phenomenon displayed in 
selected  demonstrations
and also to explain the importance of science and scientific
inquiry in everyday life.

The grant funds 
will help to provide materials to achieve these goals.


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SHS History Club
Advisor:                       Jennifer Difrancesca 
Student Applicant:                Joey Oppenhuis

The History Club’s purpose is to promote and gain knowledge
of history and also to better understand it through their projects
and events.  They will also be making connections with local
historical societies and other schools in town.

The funds will be used to compete in the regional National
History Day Fair and National History Bee and/or Bowl.

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Increasing Engagement in PM School
Advisor:                      Sarah Wilkinson

The PM School program is an opportunity for students to make up credits
that they need to earn in order to earn their high school diploma.
One of the major benefits of the PM School program is that it is designed
to help a population of students who struggle to succeed during the
traditional school day.

Funds will help defray the cost for a newly created resource library
to engage at risk students in reading materials that they might better relate to.

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Model United Nations Conference XXIV
 Advisor:                                           Eileen McNamara
Student Applicant:     Matthew Minafo, President,
SHS Model United Nations

The SHS Model UN Club’s mission is to promote global
 awareness of international issues and differing opinions
 of nations. Each student will learn the skills to debate
 in a formal setting using Parliamentary procedure while building confidence in public speaking.
Through debates and conferences, students hope to become more socially aware and develop leadership skills.
Funds will benefit club members who may not be able to afford the various fees for conferences attended throughout the year.

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Rachel's Table and ConKerr Cancer
Advisors:                    Patricia Crosson 
                              Beth Neiman

Student Applicants:   Erica Nader, Sarah Stanley
                              Monica Bhakhri, Secretary

The Education and Leadership for a Non Violent Age (ELNA) has dedicated itself to helping the
community.  Each member is experiencing what it is like to give back to the community.

Rachel’s Table’s purpose is to collect food and distribute it to homeless shelters.  They will also
be making food once or twice a month.  ConKerr Cancer concentrates on making pillowcases which are distributed to cancer patients in the hospital to brighten up their rooms.
Funds will be used to purchase food products and to purchase fabric which they make into pillowcases.

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Student One Acts - Senior Exhibition
Advisors:                           Linda Mongiat 
                              Sarah Wilkinson

Student Applicant:     Nathaniel Vilandre

For his Senior Exhibition Project, Nathaniel will write two one-act
plays and then perform them incorporating thirty some odd students.
Performance date: May 4, 2012.
All the actors, stage crew and adults that are helping in this project
are learning a new form of theater that has yet to be explored in
SHS’s Theatre Dept.
Funds will be used to help defray the costs of costumes, script
printing and set construction.
Nate's story makes "the Daily Shrewsbury" news

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TARC - Team America Rocketry Challenge
Advisors:                    Paul Wood 
Student Applicants:   Raghav Mishra, President
                            & Jonathan Williams

The purpose of this group of science students is to build rockets
and robots for fun and to compete locally and nationally with their design.
Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the National Association
of Rocketry (NAR) sponsor all competitions which develop new team
challenges each year.

Alumni grant funds will provide these students with the necessary
hardware to compete in two competitions this year.

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Technology On A Daily Basis:
Using Digital Projectors and Document
 Cameras to Enhance Instruction
Advisor:                    Jill Carter

With limited budgets district-wide, consistent availability of
 technology to an individual teacher is virtually non-existent.
The purpose of these funds is to purchase an InFocus projector
 and USB Camera to share with other faculty members in the
 Biology Department.  These tools will enhance a visual style
 of learning, as students are able to constantly see examples,
 models, animations, and videos of things we are discussing
in class, rather than just hearing an explanation or seeing a
 written explanation on a worksheet or in their textbook.

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Town Crier - SHS Newspaper
Advisors:                    Dayna Brown-Dolan 
Student Applicant:     Brittany Cullen

The purpose of this newspaper is to give student writers a chance to experience the field of journalism, time management and publishing.
It also informs the students of SHS about local and national news, gives perspective to current events and expresses the opinions and feelings of the students who write for it. 

The SHS Alumni Grant will help defray the cost of printing the newspaper.

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Vision of the World Through Technology
Advisors:                  Madeliene Del Toro-Cournoyer
Student Applicant:                               Shreya Sitaraman

The purpose of these funds is to purchase an Epson DC-06 Document Camera for the Spanish Dept. This portable performer makes it easy to display documents or 3D objects as part of any classroom presentation.   With a 10.7” x 14.3” capture area, you can share information from text books, models or computer.  This teaching tool will improve the classroom participation and engagement of students, strengthen student’s critical thinking skills through the exposure of current and general issues that will allow students to engage in discussion, debate and resolution, transform multimedia presentations into exciting events that leave a lasting impression, provide alternative ways to review and self-assess growth and progress and refer to authentic sources of information that bring to life the curriculum.

Congratulations, faculty members and students!!
Contact Sandra Lucas for questions/comments.

We look forward to receiving your .jpg files showing your projects. Please email them to the Alumni Association and Mrs. Margaret Korab at the Educational Television Studio at SHS. The Alumni Association will add your pictures to this area and the ETS group will add them to the DVD that they will be creating throughout the year.

Click HERE to see the names of those who donated toward our Student Grants Program .    THANK YOU, DONORS!!