November 26, 2007:
SHS 1962 Celebrates Their 45th -
$50 Donated to SHS Alumni Association

SHS 1962 - 45th Reunion
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Sept 2007

Congratulations on your 45th!!

All of us on the committee felt that it would be a nice gesture to donate to the Alumni Association not only for all your help to us grads but how you offer grants, etc., to current SHS students.  You do many wonderful things and hopefully, this will entice other classes to donate as well.
Diane Woodill and
the SHS 1962 Reunion Committee
October 2, 2007:
SHS 1982 Celebrates Their 25th -
$200 Donated to SHS Alumni Scholarship Fund

SHS 1982 - 25th Reunion
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Sept 2007

for thinking of us!

"Kevin & I were happy we were able to make a personal donation to such a worthy cause. I don't think many people understand how wonderful our Alumni Association is. You guys have created an organization that not only keeps people informed of current events, you work diligently to keep correct information on graduates and also perform charitable work. The scope of the Alumni Association is impressive and awesome. I can't begin to fathom the amount of time it takes to keep things going. I would imagine it is almost a full time job.   As far as the class donation, again, the Alumni Association is the heart of who we are. I hope the class of 1982 becomes a role model for all classes that follow!"
Maureen Jarvis
SHS 1982 Class Representative


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SHS Class of 1976 donates $700 to Alumni Scholarship Fund
March 16, 2007 - SHS Class of 1976 celebrates their 30th with a bang!  Thanks to the Spirit of 76, the November 24, 2006 reunion plans included a raffle to benefit the Alumni
Association's Scholarship Fund.  A special THANK YOU to the Class of 1976 for thinking of us!!