Reunion Location:  Italian American Club, Shrewsbury, MA

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Row 1 (floor): Ken Bisceglia, Bill Fox, Jack Sampson, Bob Moroney, Paul DiBenedetto.

Row 2:  Linda Molinari, Marlene Sullivan, Susan Schonborg, Jean Ferguson, Ingrid Strand, Karen Nordstrom, Peggy Cote, Jeanne Cote, Elaine Zingarelli, Nancy Ceffalo.

Row 3:  Maureen McNamara, Debby Flynn, Susan Holden, Kathryn Shaw, Andrea Christianson, Jeanne Tammi, Concetta Angelico, Willine Corrow, Kathy Keddy, Catherine Balunis, Susan Donahue, David Mangs.

Row 4:  Kathy Temple, Lee Schonborg, David Schonborg, David Kimball, Archie Torosian, Kenny Budzyna, Ron Whittle, Duane Sweet, Ed Bourget, Harry Lupien.

Missing from picture:  Advisor Bill Coulter, Sandy Bergman, Al Valente.

Kathy Temple and Duane Sweet. Thank you, Kathy, for taking all of the candid pictures!!

Susan Schonborg, Charron Schonborg (Lee Schonborg's wife), Sherry Schonborg (David Schonborg's wife)

Willine Corrow (left), Peggy Cote, Concetta Angelico & Jeanne Cote.

Elaine Zingarelli (foreground), Al Valente, Marlene Sullivan, Ingrid Strand and Jeanne Tammi's back

Marlene Sullivan hobbled on crutches to the reunion. Willine Corrow enjoying her visit.
Archie Torosian and Linda Molinari checking out Jeanne Tammi's class pictures from Calvin Coolidge School.  Harry Lupien is in the background.

Bill Fox, Marsha Fox, Chris Bisceglia (Kenny Bisceglia's wife).

Lois Lupien (foreground), Harry Lupien, David Kimball, Pam Kimball, Susan Holden, & Kathy Shaw.

Elaine Zingarelli (foreground), Al Valente, Marlene Sullivan.

David Schonborg (in blue), Bob Moroney (middle), Kenny Budzyna (right).

Debby Flynn enjoying cake.

Ed Bourget (lft), Jack Sampson, Nancy Ceffalo, Paul DiBenedetto checking out the yearbook photos.

Kenny Budzyna (lft), Lee Schonborg (middle), Bob Moroney.

Harry Lupien (lft) having a serious conversation with Archie Torosian. Maureen McNamara (right).

Maureen McNamara chatting with Kenny Bisceglia.